Modern Full Length Mirror, 65″ x 22″x 1.2″



1.Full-size floor mirror large enough for you to see your full outfit in a single glance
2.High-definition. Scatter prevention and explosion-proof membrane, burst-proof, shattered glass will not be spilled out even impacted by an external force, more safe and protective
3.Completely conforms to the international drop test. However, the specific shipping situation is unknown. If you receive a broken product, please you can contact us whenever and wherever


Perfect for giving you a full view of your outfit, full-length mirrors are great for helping you preen and primp while also making your space look larger. This full-length mirror is an eye-catching addition to any modern suite. Rectangular in design, its frame comes crafted from anti-rust aluminum alloy, while the glass inside is made from shatter-proof glass. Its versatile design allows you to keep it on the ground, lean it against the wall, or mount it on any wall to save space.

Additional information

Weight26.45 lbs


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