HQ-282 Sofa Couch, Suede Mid-Century Tufted Love Seat for Living Room



1.The sofa is made of suede cloth , breathability and softness of the fabric, not only scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to take care of, but also comfortable and soft. The whole sofa is fully disassembled and easy to assemble.
2.Sofa armrest uses finalize the design bend board design, width reaches 16cm, this kind of width is very rare on market, because the design is more human nature, width is wide enough so when putting an arm more comfortable.
3.High elastic snake-like bow spring solid wood frame, selection of wide and thick eucalyptus, remove all panels, for you to create an environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable sofa
4.The backrest of the sofa is filled with doll cotton, which fits the curve design of the back, and the seat bag is made of high-density memory rebound sponge, which is comfortable to sit on, durable for long periods of time, and not easy to collapse
5.The sofa legs are made of high-foot hardware legs, which have a high load-bearing capacity, and the load-bearing capacity can be as high as 500KG; and the high-foot design allows the sweeping robot to enter and exit easily, and it is convenient and stress-free to clean.


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