Direct Wicker Standing Desk Mat Non-Slip Flat Kitchen Mat Anti-Fatigue Office Mat



1.Get the softness, the comfort, and the protection against leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain.
2.Durable enough to resist the wear and tear of shoes.
3.Easy to clean with a PVC surface.


1.Product Description
Non-slip texture structure surfaceand sloping edge design can protect you from tripping.
The compound layer structure can effectively buffer the foot pressure and relieve fatigue.
Easy to clean, easy to migrate, without affecting the normal working environment.
High performance anti-fatigue, relieve blood flow pressure in feet, improve yourhealth index and safety factor.

Brand: Direct Wicker
Overall size:41.73 x 20.08 x 0.79inches
Material:PVC(Surface)+PU(Body)+SBR Rubber(Bottom)3.About us
Direct Wicker offers an assortment of all weather rattan and textilene outdoor living products. Supported with scientific quality management system combining research and development, production, and sales we are confident in providing excellent products and services to our customers. Under continuous effort and innovation development, Direct Wicker ‘s integrity, industry knowledge and product quality has earned us brand recognition.
Our mission is to deliver quality outdoor furniture at avalue. We know you will enjoy the furniture you purchase from Patio Post so come and relax and let us provide you with cost-effective outdoor living solutions with performance service.

3. 12 Months Warranty

Additional information

Weight5.94 lbs


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