Brown Wicker Patio Firepit Dining Table (Table Only)




[Description]1. The Eton Dining Collection is the ideal mix of craftsmanship, style and comfort. The dining table has a gas fire pit with multiple heat settings so you can prolong your outdoor relaxation into the night.
2. The set is not only a beautiful and focal central piece for your garden but is also very practical. The table has a heat adjustable stainless steel gas fire-pit. The flames emerge from the crushed glass central feature and will keep you warm and comfortable long after the sun goes down, enabling you to continue relaxing long into the night.3. The benefits do not end there as you also have the option of adding a BBQ grill plate or integrated drinks cooler. The BBQ grill is simply placed over the flames so that you can enjoy some al fresco dining to enhance your luxury outdoor experience. For those hot sunny days when you feel the need to cool off, just simply add the integrated drinks cooler in place of the fire pit. If you are looking for the ultimate in stylish heating, dining or entertaining, then you have found it with our unique Gas fire pit table.
4. Note1: All of our gas fire pits are CE-registered for safety compliance. The high-quality gas fire pit will radiate heat up to 61418.55 BTU/h. The fire pit is made from high-quality stainless steel that is marine-grade 316 and can withstand the harshest of outdoor weather.5. Note2:4-person and 6-person dining tables contain glass tabletop; the 8-person dining tabletop is aluminum.[Product Dimension]1. 4-Person Square Dining Table: W120*W120*H70cm, weight: 67.37 kg2. 6-Person Rectangle Dining Table: L182*W102*H70cm, weight: 68.9 kg3. 6-Person Oval Dining Table: L182*W122*H70cm, weight: 69.9 kg4. 8-Person Round Dining Table: D182*70cm, weight: 99.8 kg[Package Dimension]1. 4-Person Square Dining Table:
Top box:47”*47”*3” , weight 74.8 lbs
Base box:30”*30”*7”, weight 57.64 lbs
Gas system box:42”*12”*10”, weight 36.52 lbs

2. 6-Person Rectangle Dining Table:
Top box:71”*39”*3”, weight 99 lbs
Base box:52”*28”*6”, weight 44 lbs
Gas system box:26”*27”*7”, weight 37.62 lbs

3.6-Person Oval Dining Table:
Top box:71”*47”*3”, weight 106.92 lbs
Base box:51”*26”*10”, weight 29.32 lbs
Gas system box:26”*27”*7”, weight 52.69 lbs
4. 8-Person Round Dining Table:
Top box:71”*71”*3”, weight: 140.8 lbs
Base box:39”*26”*7” weight: 50.82 lbs
Gas system box:42”*12”*10”, weight 36.52 lbs

* Warranty: 12 Months

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Weight175 lbs


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