Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom, KOIOS H13 HEPA Air Purifier with Auto Speed Control for Pets Hair Dander Smoke, Portable Air Filter with Fragrance Sponge for Small Room Office Desk Kitchen



1.SMALL BUT POWERFUL: This HQKJ-50 compact air purifier refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 215 ft² / 20 m². It’s perfect for small spaces such as dorms, baby rooms, small rooms, offices, and kitchens.
2.IMPROVED 3 STAGES FILTER SYSTEM: Ultra-fine pre-filter captures large particles and absorbs odors and fumes, the H13 TRUE HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants 0.3 microns in size, trap dust, pollen, pet hair dander, smoke, and VOCs
3.AUTOMATIC CONTROL 3 SPEEDS WITH PM2.5 DISPLAY: Unique PM2.5 air quality index changes after auto-monitoring the indoor air quality environment via exclusive smart air sensor technology measurement, then this smart air purifier automatically adjust the fan speed(1/2/3) accordingly
4.SILENT & WITH AROMATHERAPY DESIGN: Air purifiers for bedroom run as near-silent 16dB at low speed. This HQKJ-50 small air purifier 1-minute display auto-shutoff enables a completely uninterrupted sleep. 6 Timers (2/4/6/8/10/12H) satisfy your favorite timer settings
5.Safe & Reliable: 100% Ozone Free Certified By CARB(California Air Resources Board )(EO No.:G-22-126), Available for California. ETL, FCC Certified & CE Listed. Air purifiers for dust come with a 3-in-1 filter pre-installed. Tips: It should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the environment


Statistics show in 2018 (world Health Organization Research Report) that more than 7,000,000 people worldwide suffer from diseases caused by air pollution. Indoor air quality should be refreshed every day and a decent air purifier is a must-have for every family, especially with kids and pets. KOIOS Powerful HEPA air purifiers could ease sneezing, congestion, and other allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants.What a KOIOS HQKJ-50 Air Purifier will Do for You and Your Home!
Built-in Smart Sensor

One-touch auto mode with built-in smart sensor to monitor pollutant levels and adjust fan speed as needed to ensure optimal air quality;
Real-Time Monitoring

Automatically optimize the purification speed 1/2/3, traping particles of 0.3μm.
KOIOS Air Purifier helps to eliminate all germs, odors, and allergens easily. Just plug in and enjoy the clean air!

1.Pre-filter:captures airborne pollutants with large diameters like hair, lint, and pet hair and fiber, prolonging the lifespan of the True HEPA filter.

2.True H13 HEPA filter:eliminates nearly 99.99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns such as dust and pollen to improve air quality and protect your health.

3.Activated carbon filter:eliminates indoor smells and odors such as cigarette smoke, cooking smells, and VOCs.
Add Fragrance Design

Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils (not included) to the purifier fragrance sponge on the top of it, then the air purifier will effectively distribute clean air and fresh fragrances throughout your space.
The unique size and contemporary design of this home HEPA air purifier perfectly fit small rooms, bedrooms, small rooms, offices, living rooms, nurseries, kitchens, and basements.
1. LED Screen will automatically display in the 30s after powering on.
2. Please remove the plastic bag of the HEPA filter and set it back before running the purifier
3. Please allow 15 inches of clearance on all sides of the air purifier.
4. Essential oils are not included in the package.What’s in the box?
1 x KOIOS Air Purifier
1 x H13 HEPA Filter (3-in-1) (Pre-installed)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

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Weight2.65 lbs


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